Jade Yoga Elite S Mats in Store

Now we have all Jade Yoga Elite S Mats in Store @OurYogaShop

Jade Elite S Yoga Mat is Jades most durable yoga mat. It comes with a smooth surface that has a feeling like peeling paper which gives a very good grip!

Find your mat out of the many different sizes Jade are offering.

Jade Yoga Elite S Mat – For a good yoga practice!

To explain a little bit of this yoga mat features – we would like to describe it like this: This is a Standard Size Eco Yoga Mat. Made in a sustainable manner with natural rubber tapped from rubber trees. Comes in a range of very nice colors. An extra dense top layer gives the mat added firmness and durability, while its smooth surface boasts outstanding grip for almost any practice. Suitable for many yoga forms, like ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, sivananda yoga etc. The grip on the yoga mat is very good already from the start. It comes from nature. It will dry out and return back to nature – how you treat it will decide the time it last.

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