Liforme Yoga Mats in Store

Now we have all Liforme Yoga Mats in Store @OurYogaShop

Liforme offers a range of world-class yoga mats that works exceptionally good when the practice get heated up. With their unique alignment system you will easy find your positions. Here with us at OurYogaShop you will find their Liforme Yoga Mat and the Liforme Yoga Love Mat

Yoga Mat – Liforme

To explain a little bit of this yoga mat features – we would like to describe it like this: This is a supergrippy yoga mat with a lot of space and cushioning. It has a specific alignment system for you to find your positioning. It´s a natural rubber mat with a PU-biodegradable surface and it is suitable for many yoga different forms. After some time it could also be nice to know that it is biodegradable in 1-5 years in normal landfill conditions and made using high quality non-toxic material. It will dry out and return back to nature – how you treat it will decide the time it last.

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