OOO Yoga Bolster Round & Rectangular in Store

OOO Yoga Bolster Round & Rectangular in Store @OurYogaShop

OOO Yoga Bolsters Round & Rectangular – Now you can find all OOO yoga bolster @OurYogaShop again!


OOO Yoga Bolsters

To explain a little bit of these yoga bolsters features – we would like to describe it like this: From OOO comes fantastic, organic, handmade yoga bolsters in the format round and rectangular. Filled with the stable material buckwheat or kapok. Buckwheat & Kapok are material that is 100% natural. The material breathes, removes moisture and provides stability, cushion and support. Suitable for people with allergies. The outer fabric can be removed and washed carefully at max 40 ° Celsius. The fabric is made of 100% ecologic cotton. OOO – is a Swedish brand whose aim is to offer high quality, poison-free and organic products to all yogis. OOO also takes social responsibility by reinvesting a part of what you pay back to yoga teachers – all under the quote:
“Keep Your Circles Positive”

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