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Now we have all OOO Yoga Mats in Store @OurYogaShop

OOO – Most famous for their marvelous OOO Yoga Mats! This Swedish Family Company supports yoga teachers and yoga studios. For every sold yoga mat 5 Euro goes back to the real yoga society. But OOO also have funds contributing to youths, family relations and grants. You´ll find: Yoga Mats, Yoga Bolsters, Yoga Cushions, Restorative Sacks, Yoga Eye Pads, Yoga Straps, Yoga Blocks and Yoga Blankets.

OOO Yoga Mat

To explain a little bit of this yoga mat features – we would like to describe it like this: This ecological and biological yoga mat is marvelous. The grip on the yoga mat is very good already from the start. When you become warm and start perspire – the mat goes wild and the grip becomes perfect. It has a very good cushioning and stays stabil on the floor. The Circles on the mat is an alignment system that OOO calls pOOOse. The Circles makes it easy to find your yoga pose regardless of you own measurements. It comes from nature. It will dry out and return back to nature – how you treat it will decide the time it last. The best thing? OOO gives back to yoga teachers and studios instead of money hungry investors.

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