Awakening the Spine- Vanda Scaravelli

For more than twenty-five years, until her death at the age of 91, Vanda Scaravelli was transforming bodies and lives with her innovative approach to yoga through the proper alignment of the spine. She listened to the body and worked with instead of against it. She used gravity, grounding, and breath to achieve dramatic improvements in health and well-being. Scaravelli reminds readers that: “if you are kind to your body, it will respond in an incredible way.” Awakening the Spine offers a gentle way to achieve and maintain overall health and a naturally supple spine – at any age. Lovingly revised by Vanda’s daughter Paola Scaravelli Cohen, based on the extensive notes Vanda left behind, Awakening the Spine is published for the first time as the author intended. With a new foreword by B.K.S. Iyengar, this is the definitive edition of one of yoga’s all-time classics. With photographs of Vanda Scaravelli by Rob Howard

Format – Paperback

Language – English

Number of pages – 200

Release date – 2011-10-31

Dimensions – 210 x 197 x 14 mm

Weight – 560 g


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