Cotton Blanket Thunder Manduka


Cotton Blanket Thunder Manduka

Dimensions: 65cm x 211cm
52.5% Recycled Cotton, 35% Recycled Acrylic, 12.5% Polyester
High quality peruvian cotton blend
Overlocked edge stitching to prevent fraying
Resists pilling after washing
Fold, roll and stack in any way that supports your pose

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Manduka Yoga Blanket

To explain a little bit of this yoga blanket features - we would like to describe it like this: With slightly larger dimensions than our wool blanket, this Peruvian recycled cotton yoga blanket provides both versatility and coverage. Fold, roll and stack in any way that supports your pose - the tightly-woven, durable fabric moves the way you want it to.

Blankets are commonly used in restorative, prenatal and Iyengar yoga and are a great substitute for a bolster. You can also fold your blanket and use as a seat, for an alternative to a meditation cushion. Some yogis like placing blankets under their knees or back during Savasana for added comfort, or using it to cover up for warmth.

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Dimensions 208 × 152 × 1 cm





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