OOO Yoga Mat diplOOOmat


This is a yoga mat with lots of benefits!
Do you want to become our diplomat and get special benefits?
As the owner of a diplOOOmat you get your own discount code which you can use to trade OOO yoga products with 30% discount for 1 year!
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In addition, you get a yoga mat of the highest quality and with a unique pin.

Non-slip, Ecological, Non-Toxic, Natural rubber, Cushioning, Contributes Socially.

“Keep Your Circles Positive”



Eco Product

Natural Rubber











The Story

This is a very different story. It´s not about the mat. It´s about yoga and the meaning of yoga. The brand OOO has come to support our fantastic yoga teachers and yoga studios that spread the true yoga traditions every day. It´s all about "Keep Your Circles Positive" But how did it all start...

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Check this video out! All about The OOO Yoga Mat cOOOlOOOr.

OOO Yoga Mat cOOOlOOOr

To explain a little bit of this yoga mat features - we would like to describe it like this: It´s the OOO Yoga Mat but with cOOOlOOOr. This ecological and biological yoga mat is marvelous. The grip on the yoga mat is very good already from the start. When you become warm and start perspire - the mat goes wild and the grip becomes perfect. It has a very good cushioning and stays stabil on the floor. The Circles on the mat is an alignment system that OOO calls pOOOse. The Circles makes it easy to find your yoga pose regardless of you own measurements. It comes from nature. It will dry out and return back to nature - how you treat it will decide the time it last. The best thing? OOO gives back to yoga teachers and studios instead of money hungry investors.

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Additional information
Weight 3,15 kg
Dimensions 183 × 66 × 0,5 cm

Black, Purple, Orange, Green, Steel Blue, Turquoise, Pink, lOOOng





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