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Jade Yoga mestadels fokuserade på yogamattor. Men kolla här! Jade Yoga Produktsortiment är väldigt intressant! Det finns: Voyager - den vikbara yogamattan, Jade Travel - en tunnare Harmony, Harmony Professional - den mest kända, Fusion - 8mm tjock and Elite S - med en tuffare yta. Dessutom har Jade Yogablock, Yogastraps och Yogafodral & Väskor. OurYogaShop kan erbjuda dig alla Jade Yoga produkter - det är bara att fråga oss!

Jade Yogamattor

Jademattor är gjorda i USA av 100% naturgummi, vilket ger dig en hållbar och snabbt förnybar produkt. Jade yogamattor har bästa tänkbara grepp. Dom är giftfria. Vid varje köp planterar Jade ett träd, nu över en och en halv miljon träd planterade hittills.

Jade Harmony Gruppbild


It’s no surprise that both Sports Illustrated and GQ magazine have named the Jade Harmony™ mat the best all-around mat – because it is.  This is Jade’s most popular mat.
  • The Harmony is 5 mm thick, weighs around 2,2 kg
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Big variety of sizes - choose from wider and longer

The Harmony offers performance grip, cushion, and eco-friendly, non-toxic material – truly everything you could want in your mat.

Jade Travel Thickness


The Jade Travel™ mat is thin and light enough. It’ll fit easily in your suitcase when you are on the road. Giving you more cushion and comfort.  Many beginner yogis like the Travel™ mat because of its thinner profile.
  • The Travel™ is 3,2 mm thick, weighs around 1,3 kg
  • Twice as thick as the Jade Voyager
  • You’ll get just a little more stability in standing poses

The Travel™ comes in 173 cm and 188 cm. You can choose from different colors.

Jade Voyager Reseyogamatta


The Jade Voyager was recently named by GQ magazine as the best commuter mat, and for good reason.  The Voyager folds up to about the size of a yoga block to fit in a large handbag or backpack.

  • The Voyager is 1,5 mm thick, weighs around 0,7 kg
  • Keep up your practice while traveling
  • Use it above a loander studio mat to get the perfect grip

The Voyager™ mat is Jade’s thinnest mat with the lightest weight.


As one of Jade’s most luxurious and comfortable mats, the Fusion™ mat was designed as a Pilates, core fitness and restorative yoga mat. Jade Fusion has been known to be one of the most comfortable mats on the market.

  • The Fusion is 8 mm thick, weighs around 3,6 kg
  • This mat is great for people with sensitive knees, joints, or anyone who is looking protect any part of their body.
  • In variations up to 203 cm long and 71 cm wide

The Fusion, especially the extra-wide version, is considered to be one of the only mats on the market that provides extended cushion for larger yogis.


Designed specifically for those with a vigorous practice, the ELITE S™ is Jade’s most durable mat yet. The ELITE S is ideal for any Ashtanga practice, or any other intense flow.
  • The Elite S är 5 mm thick, weighs around 2,3 kg
  • Extra-dense top layer, the ELITE S gives you added firmness and durability
  • Smooth surface boasts outstanding grip for almost any type of practice

The Elite S is the answer for any yogi that usually find their mat destroyed within 6 months of yoga. Elite S is durable.


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