Ashtanga Yoga – The Intermediate Series – Gregor Mahle

Gregor Maehle’s first book, ”Ashtanga Yoga: Practice and Philosophy”, provided a comprehensive introduction to all eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga and a detailed discussion of each posture in ”Ashtanga’s Primary Series” of postures. In ”Ashtanga Yoga – The Intermediate Series”, Maehle addresses the postures of the Intermediate Series, with the same unprecedented quality of detailed anatomical explanation and the unparalleled deep roots in ancient Indian philosophy and mythology. The Intermediate Series is the next level of practice in Ashtanga yoga. While the Primary Series is intended as ’yoga therapy’ – seeking to bring balance to the body and mind and to develop strength, endurance, and flexibility – the Intermediate Series is the first step on the path to purification of the ’subtle body’. With a Sanskrit name meaning ’purification of the nadi system’ (the system of subtle channels circulating energy throughout the body), the Intermediate Series shifts focus from the hamstrings, hip joints, and bandhas to the spine, chest, and shoulder joints. As he demonstrated in ”Ashtanga Yoga: Practice and Philosophy”, Gregor Maehle writes with a level of expertise that few Western teachers possess. Readers will come away from ”Ashtanga Yoga – The Intermediate Series” well-prepared to take the next step with their practice.

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