What is kapok in yoga products?

Why are kapok used as filling in yoga products? - Now you get all the answers! Kapok is probably the best filling in a yoga product. Recommended to allergic persons.


Our kapok products are 100% natural. The pillowcase is made of 100% natural and unbleached cotton, and is filled with kapok. Kapok is a much better filling than polyester or silicon, even better then feathers. It´s lightweight.

Features of kapok

  • It’s antiallergic
  • Kapok is very soft and springy
  • Keeps it’s size during use and is much more comfortable than traditionally used material.
  • Supports the spine in a correct position
  • It’s 100% natural (kapok is natural filling coming from kapok tree in Indonesia)
  • Provides good air circulation,
  • Bolster/Cushion -case is made of 100% thick ecologic unbleached cotton
  • It´s lightweight.

Short facts about Kapok

Ceiba pentandra is the latin name of the tree. Kapok is a name used in English speaking countries for both the tree and the cotton-like fluff obtained from its seed pods. In Spanish speaking countries the tree is commonly known as “ceiba”. The tree is cultivated for the seed fibre, particularly in south-east Asia, and is also known as the Java cotton, Java kapok, silk-cotton, samauma, or ceiba.

The tree can be up to 77 meters.

The flowers are an important source of nectar and pollen for honey bees and bats.


Like cotton, Kapok is a plant fiber that belongs to the seed fibers. Unlike to cotton, the fibers are very short and brittle which makes it difficult to spin into durable yarns and weave or knit to fabric. The fibers however, have properties that make them a good fit for filling yoga products like yoga bolsters, meditation cushions, padding or insulation. Swedish Society for Nature Conservation approves Kapok as a material in their eco-label Good Environmental Choice, and thus considers that this is an environmentally sound and harmless choice of material.

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