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eKo Mats

eKo Mat Standard, eKo Lite Mat & eKo Superlite Mat
Made from biodegradable natural tree rubber - Zero-waste manufacturing - process - No PVC or harmful plasticizers - Durable, sealed-cell surface


An eco-friendly yoga mat with natural grip, the original 5 mm eKO® is designed for both comfort and performance.
  • Natural great yoga grip
  • Limited Edition colors available
  • 5 mm, wider and very stabil
Perfect for beginner to advanced yoga practioner.
The Manduka eKo yoga mat standard is stabil, grippy from start and gives a good cushioning.


An eco-friendly yoga mat with a superior wet grip, the eKO Lite™ is slightly smaller and lighter than the eKO. Designed for both comfort and performance. The eKO Lite yoga mat supports both your practice and the planet.
  • Natural good yoga grip
  • 4 mm thick, less weight and more narrow
  • Limited Edition colors available
The eKo Lite yoga mat from Manduka is a perfect mat to bring from home to the yoga studio etc.
Gives you a very good grip from start and the 4mm thickness is enough for the mat to deliver cushioning and stability.


Designed specifically for the traveling yogi, the eKO SuperLite™ folds easily into a small bag and then unfolds to provide superior grip no matter where you go. Use it solo or on top of a local rental mat for protection against bacteria.
  • Superior wet grip
  • Foldable & lightweight
  • Variety of colors available
A travel yoga mat that is easy to bring all over the world.
Foldable and very light to carry.

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